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A quick and easy guide on amazing features of a messenger bag

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Are you looking for a versatile bag where you can put in all your stuff and have it ready to go anytime?

Well, messenger bags are what you’re looking for. And what is a messenger bag? These functional and eclectic bags are great to carry wherever you go. Initially designed for postal workers to deliver letters to their respective addresses, these cloth & leather bags have morphed over the years into what they are today. From a cloth bag with lots of space, and one adjustable shoulder strap to its recent modern design.

Messenger bags are now available in different styles and sizes. But still true to its original design and shape, it has been modernized for the better. There are different types of messenger bags available in various materials, designs, and more.

With enough space to store everything you need throughout your day, they are great for casual use, and in a more formal/professional setting. Modern messenger bags can be used as laptop bags because they have more compartments than the first messenger bags made.

Here is everything you need to know about messenger bags and why it’s a great choice of bag for you in and out of the office.

Key Features of a Messenger Bag

  1. Fabric:
    We like to think that the most important feature is the fabric used to make a messenger bag. That can determine not just the look, but how durable the messenger bag is. So, the fabric is our number one feature. Dailyobjects US have created messenger bags for men & women with high-quality and durable fabrics like leather, cotton canvas, and a mixture of cotton canvas and leather. These fabrics are used in ways that make our messenger bags sturdy, long-lasting, and stylish.

  2. Size:
    The size of a messenger bag is our next most important feature. We know how hard it is to find a bag that can fit all your daily essentials when you step out of your home. It is for that reason that we have created our messenger bags in two different sizes for you (14 inches and 16 inches). It is up to you to take your pick on what size works for the content of your bag.

  3. Compartments:
    The number of compartments or the space available in each compartment is important. We know a disorganised bag can be problematic, which is why our messenger bags have compartments to keep the content of your bag organised. We are big on a clean and organised space because that makes for a happy and hassle-free life.

  4. Straps:
    Last, but definitely not the least is straps. Comfort is important and our straps and other carrying options were some of our biggest focuses. Some collections of our messenger bags, available in different styles, and sizes, have detachable straps. You get to choose which strap you want to go with every day. There are other carry options that we trust you would love, especially if you’re big on travelling.

Why Do You Need Messenger Bags - Messenger Bags Uses?

You shouldn’t be concerned about how to carry, or how to style a messenger bag because they are easy and simple to use. While it is up to you to decide what colour of the messenger bag you want, styling vibrant colours can be a bit tricky, but not impossible. Muted colours on the other hand are pretty easy to style and can be used every single day.

So how do you use a messenger bag?

Well, as we’ve stated, messenger bags are versatile and can be used every day. But then again, you get to decide how you want to use it. It is ready for you to pick it up for any occasion. So go ahead and figure out what to carry in your messenger bag.

How to Choose the Best Messenger Bag for Work?

  1. Laptop Size:
    The most important thing when choosing a messenger bag for work is getting a size that fits your laptop perfectly. Too small is unacceptable and too large might not be safe for your laptop, except it comes with a safety belt that keeps your laptop in place. All our messenger bag collections have inner straps to keep your laptop secure when you’re on the go.

  2. Padding:
    Thick padding just enough that it keeps your laptop safe from bumps, scratches, and maybe even falls is important. This padding needs to be resistant to pressure or impact. We also come through in that aspect with thick inner and outer padding for your laptop and other devices.

  3. Strap:
    The straps should be comfortable especially if you’re making a long commute. Long distance can be hard to carry everything you need in your messenger bag, but a comfortable strap can change that. Need we mention that the strap of our messenger bags are super comfortable and designed in a way that you can detach them if you prefer? But just in case you’re wondering, they are.

  4. Colour:
    As stated earlier, colourful messenger bags are harder to carry daily especially if you’re stylish. If you’re looking for something to carry occasionally, then go ahead and choose any colour. But if you’re looking to make a messenger bag your stable everyday bag, then go for muted colours or natural shades. Those are a lot easier to style and carry every single day.

How to Take Care of Your Messenger Bags?

  1. Store properly:
    When you decide you’re not going to use the messenger bag for a short or long period of time, be sure to keep it in a dry and cool place.

  2. Keep clean:
    Regularly wipe the messenger bag with a damp cloth to get rid of any impurity of dirt that it might have caught every time you used it.

  3. Protect from elements:
    If you decide to use the bag during the monsoon season, then be sure to have a protectant, like a waterproofing spray, to maintain the integrity of the fabric used.

Range of Messenger Bags for Men & Women Online

Dailyobjects US currently has three collections of messenger bags which are:

1. Bask Messenger Bag:

This collection made with leather offers function and a sturdy form. With three carry options and detachable straps, you can choose how to wear/carry this messenger bag. It has one main compartment for your laptop, aside from its two exterior pockets. This collection has other amazing features that you can check out.

2. City Compact Fleet Messenger Bag:

This collection is available in different vibrant colours and is made of genuine leather. It has one large storage space with pockets and a separate space for your laptop. This 14-inch messenger bag is large enough to carry all your daily essentials and some extra stuff. The comfortable leather handle makes it easy and convenient to carry.

3.All Clove Commute Messenger Large:

This collection of messenger bags has one main compartment and one front space. The main compartment is large and has pockets for organising your stuff and a separate padded space for your laptop. Available in 14.5-inch and 16-inch, this messenger bag provides easy access and convenience while carrying.

We hope this has been helpful for you to make a selection of messenger bags that fits into your daily routine. We’ve provided everything you need in making your choice easier. And on that note, we leave it up to you to make a decision that would suit your lifestyle.

FAQs About Features of Messenger Bags

Q. What are messenger bags good for?
A: Messenger bags are good for a lot of different things. They can be used in a professional setting but also in a casual setting.

Q. How heavy should a messenger bag be?
A: A messenger bag should, first of all, be sturdy enough to carry enough contents that the space provides. But it also shouldn’t be so heavy that it would be uncomfortable for you to carry.

Q. Can a messenger bag hold a laptop?
A: Modern messenger bags provide a separate space in the main compartment that allows you to keep your laptop.

Q. Do men still use messenger bags?
A: Yes, they do. A lot of men carry messenger bags but it’s not just men as the bag is unisex.

Q. Is a messenger bag a crossbody bag?
A: Yes, it is, if you use it that way. The adjustable strap allows you to carry it whichever way you want.

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